About the blog

This blog is written by members of the Participation, Power and Social Change (PPSC) team at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), UK. It also includes guest contributions from other development experts and partners.

The blog features comment and opinion on our core research themes: gender and sexualities, participatory media, participatory methodologies, and Community-led Total Sanitation, as well as other topics relevant to work members of the team are undertaking. We welcome your views, questions and feedback, so do let us know what you think and join the conversation.

The PPSC Team at IDS works in partnership with diverse collaborators from around the world to generate ideas and action for social change. The posts on this blog reflect the opinions of each individual and not necessarily those of IDS.

About the Participation, Power and Social Change Team at IDS

Our aim is to facilitate participatory, power-aware research for social change.

Citizens and their organisations, policy-makers, development workers and researchers are increasingly appreciating that standard recipes for managing the complexity of our inter-connected world have not worked.

Through research, innovation and learning in rights-based and participatory approaches, we work with people to identify and implement alternative approaches to social change that respond to local situations and bridge operational practice with research and policy change.

Our work intends to help tackle the power inequalities that create crises, sustain poverty and injustices through the suppression of alternative or marginalised voices.

Visit the Participation, Power and Social Change website.

About IDS

The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) is a leading global institution for development research, teaching and learning, and impact and communications, based at the University of Sussex. Our present vision is a world in which poverty does not exist, social justice prevails and sustainable economic growth is focused on improving human wellbeing. We believe that research knowledge can drive the change that must happen in order for this vision to be realised.

Founded in 1966, IDS enjoys an international reputation based on the quality of our work and our commitment to applying academic skills to real-world challenges. Our theory of change is at the heart of what we do. We think that knowledge should be generated by sound methodology and in partnership with other development and non-development actors.

The Institute is home to over 120 staff working in research and teaching, 70 in knowledge services, communications and the library and about 200 students at any one time. But the IDS community extends far beyond this, encompassing an extensive network of over 360 global partners, 2,100 alumni and hundreds of former staff across the development community worldwide. For more information, go to: www.ids.ac.uk

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